Caleb’s Books Open October 31st! (and other VK Updates)

Caleb will be opening his books for new projects on Sunday October 31st.    When the tattoo submission form is activated you will find it HERE.  We will close the form at any point in the day depending on the volume of submissions.

He will be booking for December-February and is selecting 10-15 projects from the submissions.  He is very humbled by the number of people that want to get tattooed and he expects that there will be a lot of disappointed people.

Projects on Caleb’s wish list:
Clients with existing or in-progress pieces that need to get scheduled back in.
Portraits (comic book/tv/movies, animals, horror)
Horror based
Large scale… BIG big
Black and Grey that he can push the envelope on
Abstract Realism

Caleb is currently doing most of the consultations via email and will do in person consultations if the piece demands it or upon request.

Other VK updates
  • We have had to increase our prices to help cover the increased cost of our supplies.  We held off for over a year on doing this hoping that the prices would go back down on things…but that didn’t happen.   This is something that is happening industry wide unfortunately.
  • Due to the Saturday scheduling popularity (Why can’t we just have three Saturday’s a week?) going forward we will be limiting the free touch-ups to weekdays only.
  • Ainslie plans on opening his books late November for limited projects like large scale/super technical cover-ups and reworks.
  • Killian plans on opening his books around New Years for limited projects.
  • Kris has limited days left in November and December available.  Please email her at to book.

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