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Currently, Everyone’s books are closed. please sign up at the bottom for any artist availability announcements!

Sign up at the bottom of the page to receive email alerts so you won’t miss out on your favorite artist’s open books!  When an artist opens their books they will have a limited amount of projects they will be taking on.  They will be giving priority booking to the projects that fit within the scope of the creative styles they are pursuing and pushes their creative boundaries. Due to the level of demand, the artist may not be able to accommodate your tattoo for that round of bookings.

When booking day comes there will be a tattoo submission questionnaire form on our website to fill out and attach up to 5 images.  We suggest entering your submission early on in the day because the artist will close the form once they have received enough submissions they are comfortable with taking on that round.


If you receive an acceptance email it will include a link to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit that goes toward the final session of the tattoo. The artist will then get you scheduled and ask any further questions they may have.  We will gladly provide a name of a qualified artist for any projects we don’t take on upon request.

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