We are passionate about what we do and sometimes a camera catches us in the act!

Reasons to Avoid “Tattoo Kits”

Before you buy that tattoo kit online or get tattooed by your buddy out of a house, watch this video. Ainslie Heilich will show some of the hazards and frustrations that come with trying to get tattooed on the cheap.


WILL Public Media ART/BTS

Ainslie Heilich shares his passion for drawing and tattooing, as well as the personal connection he brings to each piece.


Tattooing: Myth and Reality

Filmed at ISU Milner Library.  Ainslie Heilich and former VK artist Brian Lynch will explain the reality behind some tattoo myths and describe how to go into getting a tattoo in a safe and educated way.


So You Want a Tattoo?

What you need to know about getting a tattoo with Q&A at the end. Ainslie Heilich of Vintage Karma in Tuscola, IL presenting at the East Peoria Public Library in Fondulac Illinois.