Our Studio and Location

Our Studio and Location

Come spend the day with us and escape from the outside world to a refuge of art and inspiration. Located in a 19th century building that also houses an Odd FellowsLodge, the tattoo studio is nestled away from curious onlookers and distraction. You will feel like the guest of honor at an exclusive speakeasy.

With this private studio atmosphere, Vintage Karma is definitely not a “street shop.”  Please call ahead 217-253-2553 for any daily availability for walk-ins or fill out our consultation form to get your custom tattoo started!


All our artists have a solid reputation of providing creative custom tattoos in a sterile, private, relaxing and comfortable environment. They go out of their way to make the tattooing process as pleasant as possible.

We use state of the art technology like text reminders so you don’t miss an appointment and digital waivers to keep your personal information safe.


Designed to make the clients feel comfortable and relaxed and for the artists to create the best art possible, the studio is a cozy, private sacred space instead your typical busy and crowded tattoo parlor. The walls are covered with artwork and vintage curiosities as opposed to tattoo flash. A fun retail space up front is separated from the tattoo area by a unique wall made from repurposed wood.


Comforts include a tattooing room with a variety of music coming from an antique Philco Radio while strings of warm globe lights make the space into a cozy refuge.  A retro Coca-cola fridge contains a variety of complimentary drinks for clients as well.


Vintage Karma uses hospital style sterilization, and single use needles. The studio is the ONLY Illinois State Licensed and Inspected facility in Douglas County.  Preventing cross-contamination is of the utmost importance and is taken very seriously here. In fact, Ainslie is a certified Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor and insures the artists are up to date on the latest information.

Did you know that we also have a fun store up front that has a variety of items?   From VK merch and art by our artists to antiques and other funky finds, there is surely something besides your tattoo that you will want to take home!


VK is located 30 minutes away from the nearest group of tattoos studios in several directions, so we are free to do our own thing.

We are also located right in the middle of the Chicago/St Louis/Indianapolis triangle. 2.5 hours from each.

Our town is experiencing a downtown revival and has a budding art scene that we are very active in.   Tuscola is quickly becoming a destination point for those looking for something a little off the beaten path.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the cool things happening in UpTown Tuscola!

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