Our Consultation Process

We aren’t afraid of a challenge.  We welcome the pieces that other shops don’t want to touch.  Including the most daunting of coverups.

Instead of following trends and copying tattoos that another artist has already done, we will use that as inspiration to create something new and unique for each client.

We are always looking forward to the future with our work and what we can do to keep pushing ourselves instead of bragging about past achievements.

Our consultation process is our not-so-secret weapon.

Most shops don’t want to take the time to do it because they would rather just hurry up and get you in the chair.  This is not the way to approach something that will be on your body forever.

By spending some extra time with you, we can make sure you are getting something even more amazing than what you initially anticipated.  The client/artist relationship is very important to us; you are more than a quick sale.  There are occasions where someone has a picture of exactly what they want with no changes, but even then we always try to dig a little deeper.

Consultations usually take 10-60 minutes and help us determine the overall size, design and location of a tattoo that can’t be properly visualized through email or phone alone. When you meet with your artist, bring in a few references of what you’d like encorporated into your tattoo. These can be photos of anything that you would like incorporated, or they can be photos of other tattoos that you like the style/layout/placement/size of for the artist to keep in mind when making your drawing. To ensure you’re happy with your drawing, please be specific and clear if there is any size limits, or very exact specifications you would like included or excluded.

 By the end of the consultation you will see a rough working draft that the artist will then use to do their full preparation for the tattoo behind the scenes leading up to your appointment.

Our consultations are always free. However, we ask that you book it with the intention of setting up your tattoo appointment. We do require a $50-$100 deposit to book the tattoo appointment depending on the length of the session.

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